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I recently posted my “Intro to Web Components” and a few people reached out asking about the advantages of actually learning Web Components when we still have popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks that solve the UI Components better and less clunky.

After listing and explaining benefits, it then hit me that some developers still think in terms of “this” vs “that” and fail to see Web Components as something truly unique and worth learning when there are more mature and popular ways to build Web Components and web views in general.

Comparing tools is actually a normal and expected thing…

With broader and better support, Web Components has gained popularity and has become my and many others’ favorite way of building web views. These new APIs solve many web development issues and provides a much easier way to split your website into smaller digestible parts while allowing you to better organize the parts.

Web Components is not a single API but rather a collection of technology that allows you to create reusable elements(tags) with encapsulated logic and style. …

4. You are only processing forms

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Let me start by saying that it is ridiculous how much JavaScript is shipped to the browser for no reason at all, mostly.

Hundreds of websites are built every day, and often enough the common first consideration is “which JavaScript library or framework to use”. It shows that people are just using JavaScript for the sake of using it even though many websites can do just fine with just CSS and HTML either partially or entirely.

In no way am I suggesting avoiding JavaScript entirely with this article. I do believe you can grab a lot of projects out there…

Software developers are here to stay

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The new GitHub Copilot is super cool and the hype behind it is reasonable. After a couple of hours of playing with it and reading about it, however, I quickly realized that it is just a cool tool and not a threat. In fact, I keep asking myself which problems it will actually solve and how much we developers should care.

Automated Stack Overflow?

Chances are that you have copied some code snippet from Stack Overflow in your journey to become a developer. Simply put, the Copilot tool is an advanced and automatic version of that practice. …

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You may not survive as a developer if you don't understand how to structure data and write algorithms that collect, analyze, and transforms the data. That is true despite having to learn data structure or data structure algorithms. What is required is for you to understand the idea behind working and manipulating data.

JavaScript is no longer a browser-level programming language and web development is no longer HTML and CSS manipulations to present content. It is common to find very complex web applications that deal with a lot of data from games, editors, and data manipulation right from the browser.

Everything about Graph Data Structure with JavaScript

The graph data structure helps us create so many powerful things that the likelihood of you using something which makes use of this non-linear data structure is high. It is used whenever there are multiple and complex connections between data points which makes it perfect to represent Maps, Networks, and navigation systems.

Video Version of This Article

This post is an improved and more detailed article version of the Graph Data Structure Series on Youtube that you can check if you prefer videos.

Watch Videos

A graph is a non-linear abstract data structure which pretty much means it is defined…

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If you have ever worked with JavaScript, chances are that you have worked with Promise. It is a super-fun and powerful feature of the language, but its limitation is that it can only handle a single event (when something is done or has failed).

Because of that, Observables can be much more useful in many situations.

Observables vs. Promise

Observables can provide Promise’s features, work with zero or more events, and work like streams. By default, Observables can be canceled and only start when you subscribe instead of immediately like Promises. …

Figure out your own way instead

Google search
Google search
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Let's start by admitting that every developer Googles or searches for something in some other way. What sets developers apart is what they Google — not whether they Google or not.

Why Developers Google Solutions

The quickest and simplest answer is that it is a great way to grab quick solutions and move on to the next problem.

In a fast-paced work environment, developers are focused on delivering features and squashing bugs. Almost no one has time to sit down on a problem. Sitting on a problem may be costly for the team and the project — not to mention your job.

If you…

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The HTML input field is simple, powerful, and does what it was meant to do. With over 30 attribute options it is one of the most robust and worth learning about HTML tags. Because users are constantly interacting with fields on the page, a lot of effort is put into making it appealing and easy to interact with but a lot can go wrong.

Everything you need from the section tag to the header tag

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One thing that developers who don’t know better often shove aside is semantics in HTML. Semantics is one of the most important features of HTML5 and should be mastered by any web developer.

The most popular video on my YouTube channel is “When to use Section vs Article vs Div in Html?” and it made me realize how many developers out there are trying to understand the meaning behind these tags as they enter the web development industry. Because of that, I decided to put it all in one article in simple words.

1. section

The section tag groups content of a…

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